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OMS is Fantastic, but I do have a couple hurdles to clear when its implemented at an enterprise scale.  (If you’ve got questions on what cool things you can do with OMS any of your favorite SCOM Bloggers are bound to have a post or more on it.)

Before deploying OMS to an Enterprise Operations Manager Environment I’ve got a couple questions I would like to answer:

  • How do I discretely Control when and where the Solutions Run?
  • How to I know about the MP changes that will come to my environment?
    • Control them?
    • Alert on Them?
    • Get more information on them?

How do I discretely Control when and Where the Solutions run?

Overrides, Obviously, but that’s much easier said than done.  So how should we implement these overrides?  I’ve taken a stab at an OMS Administration Pack that hopes to simplify this.  Read this post for more, but the rough outline is below.  Every time a new management pack arrives from OMS the pack takes the below steps:

  1. Create an empty unsealed override pack named after the OMS Pack that Arrived.
  2. Add Two groups to the Unsealed Pack (Singletons with no dynamic members)
    1. Solution ABC – Enable Group
    2. Solution ABC – Disabled Group
  3. Create 3 Overrides in this new pack
    1. Disable Rule Workflows at the Class Level
    2. Enable Rule Workflows for the Context of the Enable Group
    3. Disable and Enforce Rule Workflows for the Context of the Disabled Group

Now all that’s needed is to place computers or sub-groups in the respective Enable and Disable groups to limit your billing and collection were intended.

How to I know about the MP changes that will come to my environment?

The Management Pack I mentioned earlier tries to tackle this challenge as well.  Included in the lists of packs is a Monitoring Pack and Discovery Pack.  These two pair together to pull a list of Management Packs directly from the OMS servers with the current published version.  Class instances are produce for each of these packs and the below alerts and tasks help manage the installation.

  • Overrides disable the Automatic Download Rules
  • The OMS MP Class Monitors and alerts on 3 items
  • Version Mismatch between OMS Catalog and Installed
  • Missing Pack based on OMS Catalog
  • Pack that needs to be Deleted based on OMS Catalog
  • The Raised Alert includes targeted tasks for the following:
  • Install MP from OMS
  • Download MP from OMS
  • Scheduled Install Time in the Future for the OMS MP
  • Remove MP from On-Site Management Group

Hopefully this is has some appeal, for more on the pack and to download it, click here.

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